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  • Log in to Admin Dashboard > Stores > All Stores
  • Click Add New Store
  • Enter Store Name - Name your store in this field.
  • Store Description - Enter the description of your store in this field.
  • Upload your Store Image or Choose from Gallery
  • Default Rating –  The pre-rating for the store you are about to create can be set.
  • Approx Delivery Time - Average Time to Deliver from the Store to the Customer
  • Full Address - Set that store's address.
  • Pincode - Set the store's pin code.
  • Any Near Landmark - Set the store's landmark.
  • Drag the Red Marker to set your Store Location
  • Certificate/License Code -  The license or certificate may need to be displayed on the store menu page in some countries.
  • Store Charge - Decide how much the store will be charged for the packing and other parcel boxes.
  • Store Charge Tax Percentage – A percentage can be charged from the customer for your Store Charge. (Example : If you set 18%, 18% of the Store Charge will be charged from the customer.)
  • Delivery Type – You can set the store delivery type as self-pickup or Delivery or Both.
  • Operational Areas – locations where this store will be displayed.

  • Delivery Charge Type – Fixed Charge or Dynamic Charged based on KM.
  • Delivery Charge - Set the delivery fee that you intend to charge.
  • Is Pure Veg? – Enable if the store is Pure Vegetarian.
  • Min Order Price  - Minimum Order Price at which your customers must add products to their cart.
  • Store Tax Percentage  - A percentage can be charged from the customer for your Items subtotal.
  • Commission Type -  You may learn more about menu prices and above-menu prices by reading this article.      

  • Commission Rate % - Store will pay Admin a commission.
  • Zone  - Add a zone to which this store belongs.
  • Click Save Store.


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